Venus, Jupiter and a Crescent Moon, Oh My!

By: ralphbarrera

Dec 02 2008


Category: Photojournalism


Focal Length:280mm
Shutter:6 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II N

Jupiter, Venus, and a crescent moon form a spectacular, light triangle in the early evening sky, near the horizon in the southwestern sky. The three celestial objects come together from time to time, but often they are too close to the sun or unite at a time when they aren’t so visible. The next time the three will be as close and visible as this week will be Nov. 18, 2052. The big astral event has already happened in the Southern Hemisphere, where the display was described as resembling a “smiley face.” In the Northern Hemisphere, it will look more like a “frown.” On Nov. 24, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced it was taking a significant step toward a new mission to Jupiter. Mission designers say they expect to launch the orbiter, dubbed Juno (Jupiter’s wife), in 2011. The craft should reach the planet by 2016 and orbit the giant gas ball for a year. Scientists believe the best chance for life in our solar system lies within Jupiter’s moon, Europa. For us a view of the planet is the best we can do.


The Goddess of Liberty joins the celestial bodies in the sky shortly after sunset.

photos by Ralph Barrera


2 comments on “Venus, Jupiter and a Crescent Moon, Oh My!”

  1. this is too cool. thanks for solving the mystery for me of which planets they were . . .

  2. I tried to get photos of the moon showing the orb and crescent like this, but failed miserably. Could you tell us what the shutter, F-stop and ISO used in these two excellent photos? You really nailed it!

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