Obama Spotted in Rural Central Texas

By: ralphbarrera

Dec 11 2008

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Category: Photojournalism

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Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II N

I was traveling southeast of Austin looking for a particular assignment when I stumbled upon this painted barn door with the President-elect Barack Obama hope sign. It was definitely an eye-catcher and made me turn around considering my location. Obama carried every major city in Texas, but did not fare as well in the rural countries which voted heavily Republican as McCain carried the state. But Obama will be in the White House. Anyway it turns out that this is the home of Frosty the Obama Llama, who decided to endorse our new President. Frosty lives at Lam Wood Ranch and his real job is guarding goats when he’s not raising money for Obama. You can see Frosty online at his Facebook page or buy his t-shirts at etsy.com and also at the Obama Store in Austin on E. 11th St. Frosty also happens to be owned by a good friend of mine, Shelley Wood, and her husband, and all this happened coincidentally believe it or not thanks to some bad directions and free time I would have never known where Shelley lives or seen her barn door. 

photo by Ralph Barrera


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