Statesman Staff Photographers Best of 2008 Picture Gallery

The Austin American-Statesman Staff Photographers yearly select their favorite photographs and with the help of Jenni Jones has composed an interactive online gallery for people to view. There is a wide variety of excellent photojournalism from Barack Obama’s visit to Austin, to Texas Longhorn sports, to great human interest moments from 2008. Please take some time with each photo and you might get a sense of how our work can effect your life through pictures. We enjoy what we do and we hope you do too.

For a complete gallery of our Best of 2008 Photos please click Gallery

For my personal favorites which are always hard to select you can access those here


2 comments on “Statesman Staff Photographers Best of 2008 Picture Gallery”

  1. Hey man. Where were at Sung’s party? And, I guess they didn’t want to include any of my pics in the year end photos? That hurts. Hope everything is well. Loved the Xmas card.

    • You know me I always pushed for your inclusion, guess they were “going in a different direction”, and don’t you hate that line. As for Sunny’s I had a Gumbo neighborhood party we hosted at the house, and didn’t quite make it over. Still would like to have lunch or something. Best Brian!

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