Mueller Neighborhood on its way to being a City Gem

By: ralphbarrera

Mar 03 2009

Category: Photojournalism


Focal Length:16mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II N
 The old airport traffic control tower looms in the background over new homes at the Mueller project. The ambitious effort to redevelop Robert Mueller Municipal Airport into a mixed-use urban village is well under way with several home builders providing unique living options.
The 711-acre Mueller site, vacated when Austin’s airport relocated in 1999, is well on its way to becoming an energetic new hub for central Austin providing living and working conditions for thousands of people. Street signs are named after famous Austinites as noted by this intersection grounded on the sidewalk.
Nathan Acosta, 6, enjoys jumping along the boulders of Lake Park at sunset as he spends the evening playing with his father and younger sister. The Mueller master plan is envisioned as a sustainable community designed according to New Urbanist principles, which include reduced traffic and eliminates sprawl. The neighborhood also dedicates 20 percent of the land to parkland and open spaces.
Home owner Aaron Wine, at the grill at right, his wife and two young sons moved into a garden home in the Mueller neighborhood last year and have quickly made lots of friends. They frequently host front yard parties like this Super Bowl party on February 1. These garden homes all face onto a courtyard grass area completely fenced-in to protect the young kids from wandering into the street and it provides a friendly outgoing atmosphere for meets and greets.
Home owner Dusty Harshman, who lives in Mueller with his wife and four year-old daughter Rebecca has embraced the Mueller lifestyle, replacing his car with an electric tricycle that he uses to take his daughter to and from pre-school on the other side of Airport Blvd. Dusty makes his way home one evening passing the historic Browning Hangar, which will be restored and preserved at some future date. 
For a multimedia look go to Video Tour
photos by Ralph Barrera/Austin American-Statesman

3 comments on “Mueller Neighborhood on its way to being a City Gem”

  1. Pretty cool insight into the new neighborhood. Did you get a chance to go inside the old traffic tower?

  2. The old tower is shut down. It’s creepy with broken glass and boarded up, to be refurbished at a later date, into what I have no idea.

    But thanks for looking!

    How’s the new/old Leica you got. You have to tell me a story there.


  3. It is a very long and complicated story, but a fellow was having an estate sale and his father had 7 Leica M4’s and about 20 lenses (plus more attachments and more nikon equipment than I could shake a stick at). So in exchange for helping him sell it on Ebay, I’m keeping an M4, a Nikon F and a few lenses. I should have photos of all the stuff together this weekend. The collection (including 8×10 cameras, darkroom etc) is enough to make a collector drool.

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