Celebrate Veteran’s Day by Saluting Someone Near You

The Veteran’s Day Parade was held along Congress Ave. in downtown Austin under beautiful fall weather, attracting hundreds that lined the sidewalks to take in the color guards, bands, drill teams and veterans young and old to commemorate this salute to service men and women. This is my view of a city who came out to support our troops and to pay tribute to those veterans who fought in wars past.

Photo by Ralph Barrera/Austin American-Statesman


3 comments on “Celebrate Veteran’s Day by Saluting Someone Near You”

  1. thank you for the picture you put in picture paper my dauther really liked all your pictures. It was nice talking to you maybe we will meet again I also do big 12 softball I dont know if cover softball

    • Hi Mr. Alvarez. It was indeed a pleasure talking to you and I should be the one thanking you. I emailed your daughter. She also left me a nice note. Maybe someday it the future oour paths will cross again. Until then best of luck and stay healthy.

  2. I do cover Big 12 softball so maybe we’ll meet again!

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