Magic Bus Runs Green, Sleeps Six, Turns Heads

Dave Weaver and a friend decided to retrofit an old school bus and converted VW Van into their personal traveling RV as they criss-crossed America from their home in Washington state to their final destination of Austin, TX. after college graduation. Weaver converted the engine to run on vegetable oil and talked a friend into parking the bus in his backyard, so he could reduce his carbon footprint and live in the vehicle. The bus comes complete with a sun deck and privacy fence. The 1979 Bluebird International can rumble up to 55 mph on recycled vegetable oil, sleeps six; contains a hot-water shower, kitchen, fridge and freezer; sports floor-to-ceiling wood paneling; and features a music studio with stand-up piano. This is truly a vehicle to behold.

Photos by Ralph Barrera/Austin American-Statesman


One comment on “Magic Bus Runs Green, Sleeps Six, Turns Heads”

  1. love the bus

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