Arson Fire Guts Hotel, Sisters Make It Out Alive

Can you imagine taking a short vacation to a hip town for a long weekend. Then have your hotel engulfed in a massive fireball where people are yelling up and down the hallways to get out. You fight the choking smoke to make it out the door to safety. All you can do is hope everyone made it out alive and wait to find out if you’re belongings made it too. This is what happened to the Castanon sisters from El Paso when the America’s Best Value Inn at 2525 S. I-35 was gutted by a fire caused by arson Sunday afternoon. The clean up continued Monday afternoon by the owner, family members and friends as they try to salvage whatever they can. From left sisters Jennifer, Sara and Rebecca Castanon retrieve their belongings from a second floor unit. “We had to run through the smoke. If it wasn’t for someone yelling in the hall to get out, we would have died.” said Rebecca.

Photo by Ralph Barrera/Austin American-Statesman


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