Big Eye is Watching

University of Texas Landscapes Services worker Ruben Castillo rakes the newly reconditioned garden in front of the Replica of San Lorenzo Monument #1 that graces the entrance to the Sid Richardson Hall and LBJ Library and Museum complex on campus. Castillo, along with others, planted native Mexican feather grasses in the rock bed that are more drought tolerant and can withstand the intense summer heat. The monument, weighing in at 18 tons, is an exact copy of the colossal head that was first discovered at the Olmec site of San Lorenzo, Veracruz. The Olmec were an ancient Mesoamerican cuture that flourished in southern Mexico in 1500-400 BCE. It is a gift of the Universidad Veracruzana to the Teresa Long Long Institute of Latin American Studies.

Photo by Ralph Barrera


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