The Cast from the movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”

How do you handle a large group photo of actors in town promoting their new movie when you have literally less than a few minutes to find a location, arrange it, light it, and hope they like the idea. Usually you fly by the seat of your pants that’s what I do. I find these types of situations very demanding if you let it overwhelm you. More times than not it usually works itself out. Such was the case for me this afternoon when I had to photograph the young talented actors for the movie “Scott Pilgrim Saves the World”. They were hanging out at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Austin for a media availability. I got a call they were running late, so I showed up early and low and behold they were ready as soon I arrived. Holy Cow. I scrambled, found a nice patio with some lounge furniture, had them arranged around a two-seat cushion and the rest is history. They were amiable, took to the idea and fell right into place. The great thing about actors is they know what looks good, so they play-act with faces and postures and there it is, a quick and dirty portrait of the cast of a hot new movie. They look great. I on the other hand looked frazzled and sweaty. They are from L-R: Anna Kendrick, Mary Elizabeth WInstead, Director Edgar Wright, Brandon Routh, Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman.

Photo by Ralph Barrera


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