A Little PEACE Never Hurt Anyone

Meet Peace, a kind-hearted woman who lives in Dale, Texas, outside of Lockhart. She has been traveling to Austin four to five times a week since May 2010 to stand on the steps of the Texas State Capitol and quietly rally those that stop to talk to take back their country. She wraps herself in the American flag and carries a Tea Party wooden sign. “I stand here to enlighten people. Most people are oblivious to our nation being given away to foreigners. We need our country back for you and every American.”  If you see her, stop and talk, she is the most delightful, pleasant-speaking Tea Party member you’ll ever meet. Whether you agree with her politics or not.

Photo by Ralph Barrera


One comment on “A Little PEACE Never Hurt Anyone”

  1. This lady is grabbed my attention from a block away. Could you provide some contact information?

    Great picture.

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