I am a photojournalist living in Austin, TX working for the local newspaper, which happens to be for sale if you have a few million dollars to spare. My aim with this blog is to share moments from events and people I encounter during my work in the community. Please share feedback or interests as I inform daily through words and photographs. 


11 comments on “About”

  1. Ralph,

    Just found you here, through Twitter, then through to Jay Janner. You now have a loyal stalker.


  2. We are in the process of putting together a weekend retreat for children which will be themed “loving our earth”. The site is on top of mountain 2 miles from Wimberley, Texas. I am searching for someone who could host a pow-wow, teaching dance, and living in harmony with nature. Do you know where I might look for such a person?

    Any help will be greatly apprecieated.


  3. Looking for permission to use one of your archive photos for our newspaper. On deadline – can you email me ASAP?

  4. Hey Ralph, just found your blog… what a powerful use of images.
    Thanks, Jude

  5. It was great to find your blog.

  6. Hi! Ralph,

    I happened onto this site of researching the history of a Charles Umlauf drawing that I have owned for years. I am interested in your reference to Farrah Fawcett as an Umlauf model. Do you know which years she might have been sitting for Umlauf as a model? I know from a member of his family that my drawing dates to the mid .
    Any information will be appreciated. Thanks

  7. Ralph,
    Found a great pic you have of a Texas Tea Party and am wanting to post it to our news site for the day. Can you please respond as to whether or not you’ll allow permission?



    • Sorry but I cannot give you permission to publish. The rights are co-owned by the Austin American-Statesman and they forbid republication without written consent. If you need to contatc our director of photography, his name is Jay Godwin and can be reached at 512-445-3685 or jgodwin@statesman.com. Best to you.

  8. Hi Ralph, I was wondering if you ever did follow-up on the homeless man that was burned in a grass fire near Austin in 2009. Did he survive?

    • No Shauna, his wounds were too severe and he passed away shortly afterwards at the Brooke Army Medical burn unit in San Antonio. Sad story.

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